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by Lindsay Bauscher
About Me

Hello Everyone, my name is Lindsay and I am the creator of TAILORED & CHIC. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page! I am a Wife, Mother, Business Owner, and Interior Stylist living in Boise, Idaho with my husband and 3 year old daughter, with one on the way! I was born and raised in Boise, and am the oldest of three daughters. I choose to pursue my dreams of traveling abroad after high school, earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Business. During that incredible journey, I met the love of my life whom also happened to be from Idaho! We spent 5 years together traveling the world as he pursued his dreams of playing professional basketball. Together we have journeyed to over 20 countries and have lived in Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, and the Island of Cyprus. In 2014 we decided it was time to return to both of our families in Idaho and start a family of our own. On January 27th, 2015 we welcomed our precious daughter Nyia Grace.

The Creation of TAILORED & CHIC

After the birth of my daughter, I began to notice how low my confidence level had fallen. Even though I had worked extremely hard to lose all of my pregnancy weight, I still felt like something was missing.  Why was this happening? When would I go back to feeling like myself?  I’ve lost all my baby weight, why am I still struggling to get back to “me”? These were some of the thoughts running through my mind that eventually began to weigh on my heart.  It wasn’t until I internally realized I did not have to sacrifice my new found role as a mother for being a confident and feminine woman.  I enjoyed getting dressed up, and feeling good about myself, why had I stopped.  I realized there would be many days where I probably wouldn’t change out of my pajamas because it was just easier, which was fine! But by taking the initiative to get cleaned up on days where I had more energy, & getting out of the house really helped me get back to my true self.  From then on forward I choose to continue to embrace the true beauty of being a woman, as well a full-time mama. Fast forward to present day, I am mother who is constantly on the go. Incorporating staple pieces usually found in a classic wardrobe helps keep my style looking modern and chic. I love finding vintage pieces and tailoring them to fit my desired look. I feel my best in a good pair of jeans and heels and sexiest in a LBD. On a daily basis, I found myself sharing with family, friends and women I just met where I found my outfit and what inspires my style. It is honestly something I’ve done my entire life, and I love helping others feel great about themselves.  By the time I built up enough courage to design TAILORED & CHIC, it only felt natural to share this incredible journey. I am forever grateful for all of the love & support I have received from those who are dear to me, and I look forward to meeting new friends along the way!

My Mission

TAILORED & CHIC is a creative outlet for me to share my life, inspiration, personal style, and love of fashion that I hope will also inspire other women and mothers to look and feel their best. Thank you for following me on this incredible journey; it means the world. Xo Lindsay

To me, someone’s style is so much more than just the clothing they choose to wear. It is a form of art and self-expression. Style has its own language, and is an instant reflection of who you are. i just want mine to be beautiful. – Lindsay Bauscher

My Photographer

For more information follow BarbaraJohnsonPhotos on Instagram.