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Mama bird + baby bird

by Lindsay Bauscher
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Mama bird + baby bird

As of last Saturday… I am officially 35 weeks pregnant with our precious angel Braylen, and can barely believe it.  This time a little less then four years ago I was delivering our daughter via a scheduled cesarian at exactly 35 weeks, due to a vasa previa complication.  Prior to the delivery of our daughter, I was admitted into the hospital at 31 weeks where my husband & I spent the remainder of my pregnancy on bedrest at the hospital.  Those 4 weeks seemed to last a lifetime, it’s pretty crazy to think about where we were 4 years ago, and how far we have come this second time around.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to be home with our daughter and family during the holidays, as it has always been my biggest fear to have yet another complicated pregnancy.

I am cherishing each and every moment I have alone with Nyia these days… I know our time together as two is limited so “presence” this holiday season has been extremely important to me.  God will never hand you anything you cannot handle, so as we sit here patiently waiting for him I am counting my blessings each and everyday <3

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